~ be the magic...


 Welcome to Goodlifecreation 


We're so happy you found us!


Goodlifecreation has several services that might spark

your life and living.


Goodlifecreation is here for you to choose the energies

in your own life.


Goodlifecreation is happily assisting you to stand up for YOU 

so you can create that awesome life you'd like to have!

- it's not because you have to exclude others,

but often "the others" are so much in the way that you can't even hear your own desires...

daaaaah!!! Time to choose differently???



Goodlifecreation invites everyone to come play

- and we are especially intrigued with 

highly sensitives//empaths

& creators of any kinds

- those of you who dare to believe in different possibilities!


Goodlifecreation works with energies and frequencies,

questions and possibilities!!!



Goodlifecreation has pure interest in changing the whole world!!!

- and believes that we're doing it with our

conscious choices





YOU know what is best for you!

even though you say you don't know...

- deep down hidden under all the layers of stuff,

you do have the pure essence of YOU!

~ where you are fully conscious and



are you ready to start tapping into that knowing???


You came here with all your enormous precious gifts

~ your super powers you chose to play with in this lifetime!!!

 and on the way you might have gotten a bit distracted...

you forgot!??


Goodlifecreation can assist you to plug back in!!




In our daily lives we so easily forget why we are here and what

our purpose is in all this 'game of life'!

we forget our joy of being


and we start to run very fast

- like many adults attend to do!

we get distracted

from our true magical powers

who are trying to speak to us all the time...


~ kids and animals know ~


and you can gain access to these as well!!!



Sometimes you just need to


and listen...


- get clear!!!


Ask for help to gain clarity...

for your body and your soul!?


Goodlifecreation has tools for assisting you

in getting more aware of who you truly are.

These processes have helped thousands of people around the world

into receiving expanded








- You might ask...

Scroll through the menu to see the different services

and to read the testimonials.

If you lighten up and you sense your body tingling with curiosity 

this work might be beneficial for you...


Trust your gut!

Follow your lightness


Take care of Beautiful YOU

do you realize that there is only one of YOU existing on the Planet!!!?

and will ever BE...


just breathe that in for a moment...



Our planet is crying out loud for a quicker change.

Are you willing to BEcome that change?

to BE a contribution for the planet

and to get out of your own way?

and to simply choose a 'goodlife'...


our incredible Earth loves you unconditionally!


is it time to love her back...

by caring for you?



with sparkling joy your way


         Yósa Goodlife