rel ease. 



                finding back

                      to your creative child




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You are invited to come play with us!!

new PLAY dates announced soon! 

  90 min of dance//shake//stretch//sound, tune-in meditation

and a focused free-flow creation

Every single class is specially curated

with a new theme every time!


How wonderful it is to be able to meet in the comfort of our own homes?


You can move around as you dance, sit down on your floor

or at a table as you create &

grab a cup of tea and put your phone on silent

This is a time for YOU to be present with YOUr inner creator!


This series of PLAY was designed to help you get back to your authentic 

We are all in a certain place in our lives.

Some are comfortable. Others are uncomfortable.


Most flow in between comfort and discomfort

By acknowledging where we are, and to stay with all the ups//downs

we become more aware of

what we are here to create!


There is a hidden gift in all // most life-situations.


Maybe yours will start to unfold more 

as you (re-)activate


creativity codes?


The class is here for your support

- all while the world transforms

from now to later


We can wait and wait....

or start CreAte! 


The only thing we have is now.

What if we can enJoy it more?



I do believe that through creation and movement 

we can unlock our talents

that otherwise may remain hidden...


Exciting times are awaiting!!! 

Let’s PLAY while we transform

See the list of monthly offerings below! 

Inclusive Akashic Workshops and Yoga events : 

No upcoming events at the moment
we can   WAIT and  WAIT
or   stART    creAte ”
~ Jósa Goodlife 

tune in to the magic...

get your name on the list!

we promise not to put a spam spell on you! we only write 1-2x a month...

or when something really exceptional in the realms of magic