on the BIG day of gratitude...

November 23, 2017

T H A N K S G I V I N G !!!!


The one day a year, where everyone in America pause for a moment to give thanks to one another. This one day a year. Where mostly everyone are off from work. Schools are closed. For sure one of the most meaningful Holidays in America and definitely no expectations, points of views or pressure there…




Families gather or friends celebrate “Friendsgiving” and poor one another with love, good food, vine and company. People send text messages filled with gratitude and everyone that really has a heart in it, makes sure that no-one is left behind, which is quite beautiful.

We take care of one another. On this one day.

Kind of like Christmas in Scandinavia…


A day of reflection and grace. Beauty and nourishing. True self care…

Self care???



Actually I’d like to reflect a bit on that one.


We say, that by giving, we get!

Selfless love will get you there.

Start by loving thy neighbor and your cup will be filled up…




It often works that way… - when it truly is 'clear hearted'…

But how many expectations do we truly carry with us when we walk out into the world with these points of views? – when will my cup be filled up?

When is it my turn to receive??? (and a little shame a long the way, as we are so not allowed to ask for anything, or receive really…)

ha ha!


From my own experience, 'clear hearted' we can only BE when we’ve taken some time to honor ourselves.

It doesn’t have to be a full day, nor many hours.

You can actually do it in few minutes…

or few breaths


By reflecting over the gratitude we hold for ourselves, just by being alive in a body on this planet.


Me being here! Me BEing who I am,

no matter “how I am or what I am doing”.


By taking few minutes to sense just that, things can truly shift.


Lowering down my barriers for ME… ahhhhh….. right here right now.


Yes, YOU too!!!

Even though you didn’t reach that goal since last Thanksgiving.

Even though you are still single or haven’t had that kid yet.

Even though you feel like a bad person because you don’t really want to have kids with your husband, you just haven’t told him yet.

Even though you said mean things to your co-workers yesterday at a meeting, and feel like a totally ungrateful idiot on this day of gratitude!

Even though you lied on the phone with your mom last week, telling her that you’d have to work this Thanksgiving… ow…

Even though…


Let me tell you a personal story. And this is something I have been struggling with my whole life! First I’d like to tell you that:


I am a person that works with healing and energy work on an every day basis. Giving energy to my clients and sharing what I truly know and believe in deep inside me, flows more or less quite effortless for me.

And in the process I have a lot of fun too! I LOVE doing what I do and I feel all my previous experiences have gotten me where I’m at today.

In my body that I have taken care of through Yoga, meditation and doing my consciousness work it's as if I’m getting younger and more alive each year! My spirit is breaking more and more free from the jail of judgments I lived in for so many years!!!

Hallelujah for that :)


If you knew me 10 years ago, you could probably see that I have changed quite a lot through the years – like most of us do…


Yet, today… I realized that I was doing projections and expectations on my husband. Out on the street, I saw someone carrying roses and all the sudden I got overwhelmed with sadness over not being “the one” that would get roses from my life partner, as a gratitude gift on a day of Thanksgiving. Because “that I would give to my woman”,

if I was the man…

 ----- haha, no pressure there…!


I was actually about to go into an old loop, that I know very well when I realized:




Just stop for a minute…


Do I want flowers? Yes! Well, I can go out and get myself some roses…

- but the flower shops are all closed now…

more sadness to buy into…?


Then now what?

Well…what is here to be acknowledged with these flowers?

The gratitude? The awareness of me BEing alive in the world?

Being ME doing all the magnificent work for others, as well as for myself?

Me being as SWEET as I am…and so BEautiful and kindhearted?

YES that!


Do I really need someone else to acknowledge that before I can allow myself to feel good today?


Hell no….


I wanna be unconditioned!

THAT is what I’d like to BE…

And that is what I know we all came here to be… until we learned to compare ourselves with others…

(and not to mention judging the hell out of each other

and one self... )


Silly ME…

Silly YOU!

Silly US here


Be grateful for YOU!

Just choose it…

no matter what!


(before you go out there helping others… or wasting your day on a silly old loop…)


The past is an illusion

Gratitude is here right now..

- not only on Thanksgiving, Christmas or your Birthday


every day...







With infinite light-hearted gratitude

for me

and for you...

(- and all the turkeys (5.32 millions according to google)

that have chosen to offer their bodies to the festivitas...)

Jósa Goodlife





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