~ be the magic...

“Your life is a gift

and your presence here

is the highest contribution”

 - Clarity Speaks (Akashic Voice)

Welcome to goodlifecreation

Our mission is to serve you in the art of 

Energy Healing   &  Creative Empowerment Coaching

Our team is universally connected through time and space

and on many intergalactic levels

as there are many energies and entities 

involved in this work

( this might sound strange to you in case you are a ‘newbie’ 

but please hang on for a moment! )


Essentially we are so much more than our bodies and our minds.


Energy is the main drive for our whole existence

as even our physical bodies have shown 

to be constantly changing

along with our chosen frequency


If our energy is out of balance, our bodies and minds get affected.


We can get really moody or in worst case,

create diseases in our bodies. 

Relationships get affected when we are out of

alignment with our own energy field

Our ability to create and to make a living 

gets disturbed when out of alignment 

Alignment is with us when we have 


available within 


Stress, environmental challenges and traumas 

play a big role in disrupting our divine connection 

to ourselves - and to the abundant Universe

that only wishes us love

Our teams’ highest purpose

is to assist you finding back to your 

limitless potential  ○  self love  ○  appreciation of life


 and to plug you back into the 

Universal love

ever present

If you don’t like you as you are right now

or your life, as it has unfolded

we are here to assist you 

in making some changes


to find the  pure gold  within… 

Book a free 15 min video consultation


or dive right into booking

a session or a package

Every one has their own energy field.

You are UNIQUE

and NO-ONE is like you 

or will ever be like you… 

let's plug you back right in!


Yes you are DIVINE! 

A living masterpiece of ART

walking this planet…


We see it.

And can help you to acknowledge it too!

Monthly Empowerment Retreat series

for global sisters in diversity
standing strong in awakening times 

October 2020 - June 2021 

Uniting across borders 

Connecting our spirits beyond the physical

You are invited to come play with us monthly for the next 9 months

In these tremendously transformational times, where shedding old layers is more real than ever for a true power buildup and where inner clarity is of more value than any material purchase you ever have made:

YOU are being called into action!

The action of finding the true gold within. 

That shining sparkling spot that invokes you to 

BE all of you! 

Through the ages, women have gathered to nurture and to restore their bodies, minds and spirits together


It is not only about being a woman. We strive to find and to rewake our connection to the feminine through 'togetherness'.

 That tender spot that connects us to our sisters across the globe

- which can certainly look different that you might think...


 Every month we will invite for a 3 hour retreat in the comfort of your home.

(In case you can not make it on the day, you will receive the recordings right to your mailbox which can be watched over and over… ) 

You can come to one retreat only, or join us for the whole series. 

We will line up retreats in the next 9 months to come

and see where it brings us. 


9.30 am EST // 15.30 CET //  13.30 GMT


Jósa and a magical guest facilitator each month. Different energy every time.  

Here to share our dearest way of unlocking more magnificence 

into our sisters lives. 

Our Empowerment Retreat #1 :

 October 24 

Register and find out more about our first special guest below

Together we grow #1
Sat, Oct 24
Virtual ReTreat
Oct 24, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM EDT
Virtual ReTreat
Monthly Empowerment ReTreat Series for all Global Sisters in diversity, who attain to stand strong in awakening times. Join our monthly events from October 2020 to June 2021. If you can't make it LIVE you will receive the recordings after!
Together we grow #2
Sun, Nov 22
Virtual Retreat
Nov 22, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM EST
Virtual Retreat

tune in to the magic...

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“ My main mission here is to live

and create a beautiful life

where everything exists in harmony

and nothing is judged


everyone will know their inner magic

and how to use their gifts

for the highest purpose of 

unity living on Planet Earth “

 with sparkling joy your way


 Jósa Goodlife