" In true Healing we hand you

the tools to heal yourself.

No one can do that work for you.

We can guide you and support

and ultimately

the choice is yours…"

Hi! I am Jósa Goodlife 

Welcome to my Universe!

I am so pleased to 'meet you'

in here...


I have consciously been on the

path of healing and self development

for more than two decades

- which is basically at least half of my life! 

Born and raised up in Iceland I was challenged

by quite unstable family patterns.

My mother was dealing with a mental dis-ease

and my father was struggling with addiction.  

I think it is important to mention this - not to define me,

but rather to acknowledge

- how ’different’ I felt - 

from the early beginning of my young life,

being the only one in my circle of friends

dealing with visible disfunction at home.

Everyone around me knew that there was something 'off'

which became a huge part of my sense of identity.

I felt we were inherently wrong

and I carried a lot of shame on my little shoulders.


Depression and anxiety became companions that I knew the best

and later on - a big part of my own identity, 

growing into adolescence.

Battling with mental imbalance

was a normal part of my every day life, for over a decade.


By the end of 2009 I had to face the distress 

of overcoming a critical physical disease.

It was sudden and life threatening.

I felt I had struggled enough in my life,

but were yet to realize

the true challenge

of my own inner suffering.

This tipping point in my life became my greatest teacher

and to make a long story short,

I learned that:

I am to choose and create my own life!

in co-creation with the Universe.

Nobody else can do that for me

and I am not a victim of outer circumstances...

In order to thrive in my life I am allowed to

 choose me wholeheartedly! 

- and to become my own loving parent for

healing and empowerment

 also//especially on days when life feels rough... 


It was in that process that I started my

awakening process

- to truly explore

my inner gifts and life purpose:


the gift that I am 


Dedicating my journey towards a path of healing 

I chose to study 

yoga and meditation

perceiving the urge to support my environment 

through these nourishing practices 

that had helped me


finding back to me

I learned to trust my intuition, discovering my authentic gifts of:


Healing ○ Inner Wisdom ○ Boundless Creativity 




I learned reiki and studied Access Consciousness.

My path truly lid up once I added

Akashic Records wisdom

 into my life and work of:

Infinite Possibilities ○ Magic ○ Playfulness 

These I'd like to share with you!

Supporting you to find back

to the alignment of

who you truly BE


to create the


you deserve... 



Based in Brooklyn NY for the last 7 years

I have worked with my clients - in person as virtually

- in all ages -

and all over the world.

I am overly grateful for every single one of you who have chosen to work with me through the years - in person and in groups.

Without you, I wouldn't be the one I am today...

Let's keep on growing together. Let's uplift and create the world we desire.

Yes we can! 

In love


The Universal Spirit guides

are the ones working among us 

through every single session. 

They are your guides - and my guides

always willing to contribute to your welfare

and your wildest growth at any given time.

When in session, Jósa is highly connected to them all. 


Our masters, teachers and loved ones (who have passed)

are all around us. When working in sessions, they usually don’t choose 

to be overly significant when it comes to identity 

(this is not mediumship!) and merely whisper words of wisdom 

for your highest guidance,

as they already know your asks and wishes

and love assisting in clearing your path

when you allow.

receive the following video gifts:

Jósa's healing story...

"10 years ago I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and in a 3 week period, my whole life was completely transformed from being the healthy 32-year-old woman who I thought I was going to be

for the rest of my life.


I became a woman without a uterus...

and so my life became something completely different!

This transformation became a big turning point in my life.

A turning point of choosing and dedicating my life

to healing and creativity.

To find the place of my true inner joy

- as I realized

I had been given a second chance

to choose a beautiful life!

Through my journaling, I documented my process from the very beginning. These writings are now

taking form as a book.   

With my story, I will tell you my version of how I have healed

and learned to live as a 'new me'.

My belief is that every single transformational story has the potential to BE a powerful voice out there. 

If you make it through,

you are meant to share your experience

in one way - or the other... 


Through the years I have listened carefully

to my inner voice

and the voices around me.

How can we heal together? 

My book is in its making. I am working closely with an editor and a graphic designer on finding it's right form.

This project wants to be born into the world as a conduit of light,

giving hope and healing to everyone that are looking for it.

If you would like to take a minute to take a look at my gofundme page

and perhaps give a donation

or share with those that might benefit from it

- I am deeply honored to share with you

my deepest work to date...  

Read more about the book and Jósa's healing journey
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