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" In true Healing we hand you
the tools to heal yourself.
No one can do that work for you.
We can guide you and support
and ultimately

the choice is yours…"
 ~ Clarity speaks (Akashic Angel Voice)


Hi! I am Jósa Goodlife 

Welcome to my Universe!

I am so pleased to meet you


I have been on my path of heartfelt awaken consciousness the last twenty plus years

a path of deep healing and self awareness

now a resident of the Bay Area, SF where I teach and facilitate

and offer my healing sessions

I regularly go back to Iceland where I was born and raised 

to fill up my container and nurture my nordic roots

but overall I am a resident of Planet Earth

whom I declare as my 


U n i v e r s a l   H O M E 

whereI have travelled many places in my internal life

as in my outer world

and am overall grateful for


I have experienced on my journey

- even the hardest challenges!

as you may have found out about life challenges

 it isn't always easy to ' BE RIGHT IN IT! '

but as we go through it

we have the opportunity to 

grow THROUGH it

just like the lotus flower grows

THROUGH the mud

with its magnificent

open crown of beauty

we are not always as aware of

how strong and BEAUTIFUL we have become

 as life cracks us wide open



we might come to understand over time

what life is all about! 

why we indeed are here...


I could talk about my periodic companions  I

Depression and Anxiety

as the ones I knew the best

or my overall battles with

emotional imbalance

and how that was a normal part of my every day 

from the very beginning of my life

the stories are still there

but my point of view around them

have changed

which is also my wish for you!

In my early thirties I faced the distress 

of overcoming a live threatening illness

which felt like the end of the world to me...

The experience itself became a peak

of my life struggles

and a turning point for my life's true growth

as my new awareness around 

C H O O S I N G   MG O O D   L I F E 

started to change so dramatically!


 never had I known 

the challenge

of finding my true inner power 

hiding behind the layers of my shadows

yet through my inner healing work

the shadows have now become illuminated 

by the light of consciousness!

We are here to choose and create our own life!

in co-creation with our dear Universe

Nobody else can do that for us

but we can seek help on our way

In order to thrive in our life we are allowed to

 choose our destiny from the lightness of our being

to become our own loving parents for

healing and empowerment

 and to seek guidance on our way


It was in the process of

healing through my deepest pain

that I started my

soul awakening process

to truly explore

my inner gifts and life purpose:


as the gift I came here to BE 


Dedicating my journey towards a path of healing 

I studied 

yoga and meditation

perceiving the urge to support my environment 

through these nourishing practices 

that have helped me


finding back home to my higher self

I have grown so much energetically in my yoga offerings

through the last thirteen years

to become more somatic-based and free

to explore and experiment 

from inside out

rather than believing that other people's values

are greater than mine

I have learned how to trust my intuition and to discover my authentic gifts of:


healing ○ inner wisdom ○ boundless creativity 




I learned reiki & access bars and different healing modalities

to help heal myself and others  o

My path was truly lid up once I added the wisdom of

the Akashic Records

 into my own life and work 

turning up the power of

infinite possibilities ○ magic ○ life playfulness 

One other thing I have been working on actively the last six plus years

is to be able to share my truth through my writings

as I found so much healing through these

the book is ready!!!! and in post production

waiting for funds to get actualized

so this rebirth can be initiated


as my witness


it goes so well with my other dear creation


Elemental Soundbath

~ designed to take 

you on a creative journey within

for meeting your own inner elemental connection

as I believe highly that

elemental connection is the key 



all of those I'd like to share with you!

Supporting you in finding back

into alignment of

who you truly came here to



to create the


you deserve

. to live your life so

beautifully . 



Based in Brooklyn NY for 7 years

and prior that in Iceland // Denmark

I have touched the lives of thousands of people

in person as virtually

- in all ages -

and all over the world

through my work of healing, yoga, sound & play 

For now you can find my physical body 

located in the

Bay Area, California

( in between my frequent travels )

" I am beyond grateful for every single one of you who have worked with me through the years - in person and in groups.
Without you, I wouldn't be the one I am today...

Let's keep on growing together.
Let's uplift, outgrow and co-create the world we desire.

Yes we can! "

In love and infinite light

The Universal Spirit guides

are the ones working among us 

through every single session. 

They are our guides :

archangels, fairies, elementals, anchestors,


and loved ones

always READY to contribute to our highest good

and our wildest growth possible in any given moment.

In our sessions together, Jósa is highly connected to them all

and available to channel through their wisdom 


Our masters, teachers and loved ones //ancestors

(who have passed) are all around us.

When working together in sessions, they usually don’t choose 

to be of a significance when it comes to identity 

(this is not mediumship!)

and rather whisper words of wisdom 

for your highest guidance,

as they already know your asks and wishes

and love assisting with clearing your path

whenever you allow.


my personal healing story told through the elements
self-publishing in process

more to come



tune in to the magic...

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we promise not to put a spam spell on you! we only write 1-2x a month...

or when something really exceptional in the realms of magic

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