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a journey with sound through time and space

a journey to meet your inner universe,

through deep listening and relaxation



" observe how water flows through you

        connect your inner power

                     within the fire element

                     listen carefully to sound

moving through air

                         ground your bones

firmly into the earth "

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Icelandic Energy Intuitive Jósa Goodlife

will guide you on to a special meeting with the elements


water, fire, air, and earth


as you can perceive them vibrate within your own elemental body 


We all are made of the same basic ingredients,

deeply connected to Mother Earth

and to one another


Even though our internal landscape

takes form through different external expression,

we are

and will always be

deeply connected

within the four primal elements :


revealing their essence through our whole being 

our inner baseline,

as we deeply let go

and be present with our receiving


In this one hour of Elemental SoundBath,


you are given the permission

to explore your relationship with the elements

to observe how   w a t e r   flows through you

to find your inner power within the  f i r e  element

to listen carefully to sound moving through  a i r

and to ground your bones firmly into the  e a r t h

 as you practice letting go of any burden you might carry in your daily life


Jósa uses drums, rattles and gongs in her work

woven within the sounds of the singing bowls

as she guides you verbally

on this magical journey


Supported by her soothing voice

and the natural background sounds

you will be left relaxed and renewed

from this very special healing experience

Receive a taster from one of the events (Washington DC March 2022)

in the video below:

" You are invited to connect and let go
                    of the outer reality

as you find deeper nourishment 


within the cells of your body

               ~ guiding you

      into the space

          of your own

                                 elemental reality "

In late 2021 Jósa was invited to create a sound healing event

to travel with to multiple cities in the United States

which sparked the creation of Elemental SoundBath 


hundreds of participants have received this offering

under the invite of Taste of Iceland

all across the US, this last year

with every event sold out

often with hundreds on a wait-list


which shows the deep need for these offerings

as we all go through

a collective healing

and deep transformation on our

Planet Earth 

bringing these events out into the corporate world

has become a new reality

and hopefully a part of

'the new normal' 


as we move on to

a greater reality 



You can book Elemental SoundBath 

for your company // special event 

within the Bay Area, San Francisco

(or inquire for other possible locations

Iceland, New York, Los Angeles are places

Jósa frequently travels )

This event is in-person only. Intimate and unique.

For bookings//questions, reach out to us to chat about price and logistics!


tune into the magic...

get your name on the list!

we promise not to put a spam spell on you!

we only send out a monthly email

or when something really special is happening

and respect your unsubscribe at any time

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