"She can read your energy and needs

better than any healer I’ve experienced.


She can even travel in time and space

and access your Akashic records.


She’s a magical fairy who sprinkles

healing fairy dust on everything she touches.


Jósa is a healing force and cannot be

adequately described in words

so make sure you meet her in person.


You’ll break through habitual barriers

and see your world with new eyes. "

- Hildur Palsdottir, Sol Center

Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic Records are truly magical!! 


This is the space holding all information and energy blueprints of your soul. All of our talents and potentials are kept in our 'energetic library field - ofttimes hidden or unclear to our awaken consciousness.

This information goes beyond time and space and are of such a high frequency, unattainable by our logical mind. 


In the Records you can seek guidance for your current lifetime

and gain clarity on certain life challenges or themes that might be blocking you from living your highest potential. 

Often these challenges are connected to previous lifetimes//relationships. By acknowledging these energetic memories in the records, it is possible for us to receive the gift from that lesson - so we better can move on with greater freedom and clarity.  


In this 60-120min session (yes! we give space to what would like to come naturally) we get to see the whole you, (or as much you are ready to see) through the eyes of your masters, teachers and loved ones//ancestors.


Prior the session you prepare 2-3 questions to ask.

These questions can be regarding your life-purpose//work, relationships, living situation, wealth//health or even a certain project//business you'd like to receive guidance with.


We can also open the Akashic Records of your pet, if the animal allows.

Or the house//apartment//building you live on, in order to get clarity around your environment.  


Every reading is designed to empower and uplift you, as the records are incredibly loving.  


By plugging into your highest self, where no judgement exists, it is possible to lead you onward to your very unique life-path with greater ease. A life-path which you indeed already have chosen, but might have forgotten. Your guides are here to help you remember the energy of that path and to clear out any doubts or limitations holding you stuck. 

Jósa is excellent in putting words on these energies and to serve you with the clearings required for you each time. 



Each session is a powerful energy upgrade with high vibrational energy clearings, usually bound with a guided light healing, leaving your whole being uplifted and connected to higher knowing.


Sessions are done over phone // Zoom

with or without recordings.


Single session 90 min with recordings: $188

40 min "Ask Akashic Question"

for increased clarity : $88 

Akashic Coaching Package: $444  3-sessions online

A bundle of DEEP WORK 

can be used in a 3-month period!

In case my prices don't match your financial reality

please don't hesitate to reach out 

and see what is possible in terms of alternative pricing! 

Just press the button below, and let me know your asks... 


Akashic Records Power Session!

This session is an energetic upgrade for your body, soul and mind.

By tuning into your Akashic Records, Jósa is able to get guidance around what energy // healing-method is required for you to spark the greatest change.


These sessions are channeled from the absolute highest source and are truly powerful. Messages come through in a way that is beyond any rational thought and can be of a practical matter as well.


As Jósa is gifted with a good set of a toolbox, anything from Reiki healing to Access Bars or other Access Body processes flow through to boost you.


Your masters, teachers and loved ones are highly aware of what you require at this point in your life, in order to let go, receive and get back to your true essence.


Crystals and oracle cards are often included in the healing, as well as verbal clearings.


Each and every healing is perfect and whole for you

at this very moment... 


These sessions can be done in person only!


Will leave you with a 'one of a kind' boost...


120min in person: $333



In case my prices don't match your financial reality

please don't hesitate to reach out 

and see what is possible in terms of alternative pricing! 

Just press the button below, and let me know your asks... 


Like magic stars around your head you find the Bars


by gently touching these 32 points on the head, we can pull you back into your 'natural space of ease'.


You lay down on a massage table or a bed, or outside on the sweet grass - and the only thing you 'have to do' is to  r e c e i v e ! 

In and after session you might get the sense of being held gently on a tender, loving fluffy cloud, where your mind and body get lighter as you release the burdens you've been carrying. 


As Access Bars® is a system based on energy, it helps the body to release tension and to let go of stagnated mind patterns in a magical way. A sense of a 'well-being' - similar to receiving a good massage 

or when meditating regularly on a retreat you find how clearing out anything you don’t want to hold onto in your life anymore

and letting go of a challenging world, can be quite effortless. 


The Bars have many amazing benefits.

Often surprising and even life changing!


Access Bars® session can help you with:



  • Stress, anxiety, depression, aches and pains in body (dissipating migraines, changing insomnia etc.)

  • Creating more ease and awareness in your life // relationships // carrier

  • Releasing limiting points of views from your energy field

  • Extended peace, JOY, mental clarity, and creativity flow

  • Raising your consciousness on a higher level & bringing you back home to YOU!

In her sessions, Jósa uses the clearing system of

Access Consciousness®, all designed to unlock you from old limiting programming and to create space for new awareness.


These sessions can only happen in person if you haven't learned the Bars!

If you have taken a Bars class, we can do an online session where you touch the points and I support, guide and clear energetically!

These sessions are pretty powerful too!

Connect with me for further info!


A single session in person    60min : $160        90min: $220


A commitment bundle

of three in person                    60min: $400          90min: $540




Home visits are possible! 

Depending on how far you live, an extra fee will be discussed 







In case my prices don't match your financial reality

please don't hesitate to reach out 

and see what is possible in terms of alternative pricing! 

Just press the button below, and let me know your asks... 


All of life comes to us with

ease, joy and glory


Energetic Facelift® feels yummy on your BEing!


A highly nurturing body healing process, which has the capacity to reverse the appearance of aging on both face and body.


When receiving a Facelift Session most people get the sense of melting into pure softness. Similar to the Bars, the touch itself helps the molecules in releasing old judgments and holdings - that more so often is the source for any 'oldings' ever created in our system.


Facelift combines over 28 specific energies to facilitate the 'life-enhancing shifts' that can show up in many ways after receiving Facelift Sessions. If you are open to it, the effects will show up in your entire life.


Restoration, rejuvenation and flexibility are usually the benefits your face and body get to experience during//after session.

These sessions can only be done in person!



As you change, the whole world changes!! 

A single session in person 90 min:  $220


A bundle of three: $540 

(can be combined with Bars or other sessions of a choice!)

In case my prices don't match your financial reality

please don't hesitate to reach out 

and see what is possible in terms of alternative pricing! 

Just press the button below, and let me know your asks... 

Access Bars Certification Class New York City

Become a Bars practitioner !!!

If you would like to learn how to practice Access Bars,

Jósa facilitates classes regularly. She has facilitated countless of classes globally and loves to give this system to YOU who are interested in changing your life and contributing to the world around you, with this simple touch-point therapy.


Each class is a one day process (or divided into 2 half days) and by the end of the day you will receive a certification as an Access Bars practitioner.

These classes are for everyone! You can already be working with healing and change, or choosing to open up a new journey! 

In these classes you will practice Access Bars twice and receive two sessions yourself! 

Life changing???

- we know it is... 

tune in to the magic...

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