Access Bars® are 32 points on the head that have the ability to help you quiet the mind and bring you back into balance // your "natural state of being". As Access Bars® is a system based on energy, it helps the body to release tension and to let go of stagnated mind patterns.

A sense of a 'well-being', similar to massage or meditation, with many amazing and often very surprising life changing benefits.


Access Bars® session can help you with:

  • stress, anxiety, depression, aches and pains in body ( dissipating migraines, changing insomnia etc.)

  • Creating more ease and awareness in your life // relationships

  • Assisting you to release stagnated points of views from your body and energy field

  • Extended peace, JOY, mental clarity, and comfort

  • Raising your consciousness on a higher level, while relaxing any external distractions  - bringing you back home to YOU!


Would you like to invite in some greater ease on every level in your life, then try a Bars session with Jósa.

In her sessions she uses the energetic clearing system of Access Consciousness®, all designed to unlock you from old stagnated programs that don't serve you anymore.

Home visits are also possible!

 All of life comes to me with

ease, joy and glory…



If you would like to learn to run Bars, Jósa facilitates classes

regularly. Each class is a one day process (or divided into 2

half days) and you can function as a practitioner after, doing

sessions on your loved ones as well as clients if you wish.



See more about Jósa and Access Bars /

Access Consciousness right here!



















Get an insight into your "book of life". The place where your

essential energy blueprint for this life, as well from previous

lives are coded. In this 60 min reading you get to see yourself

from the eyes of your masters, teachers and loved ones

(ancestors) filled with infinite loving energy and guidance.

By plugging into your true nature// essential reality, which

has absolutely no limitation, it's possible to lead you onward

on to your very special path by clearing any doubt that might

be showing up in "this reality" here on the planet.

A pure energy boost!!!



Each reading is a clear energy upgrade and includes a

powerful light healing, which will uplift your spirit and fill

you up with a clearer view around the journey of your BEing.


Sessions can be done over phone // Zoom and recordings are

sent to you after!



People are saying:


"Thank you dear Josa, you have such a gift!

If you are looking for some deep insight I highly recommend

working with this kind and beautiful soul"

 - Marlene Lopez




"So much gratitude for a truly special reading.

I was not sure what to expect from my Akashic Record reading

but what you were able to show me was beyond explanation.

Without any meditation or preparation, you guided me on

a trip where I gained awareness around my current place in

my own journey, in career, relationships with family and

loved ones. I interacted with my mother and father who have physically passed from my life and was able to communicate

with them.

This experience was so special and profound.

I would recommend it to anyone that is seeking clarity in

their current experience or looking for some guidance with

their past or future.

Josa, you are a true clairvoyant!"
- Gustavs Mergins




" It was so loving and powerful!

After an hour on the phone with her I felt lighter and my

path was clear ahead of me. She saw things that I have been

dreaming of and gave me guidance on how to move forward

for my highest good, and reminded me to work with my

team of guides when I need assistance...

thank you sooooo much Jósa!

this is an amazing gift that you embody!!!

I am grateful you are sharing it with the world."

- Elizabeth Marie




















By tuning into your Akashic Records, Jósa is able to get

guidance around what energy/healing method isof the

heighest for you in that very moment. These sessions are

channeled from the absolute highest source and are truly

powerful. Messages come through in a way that is beyond

any rational thought and can be of a practical matter as well.

As Jósa is gifted with a good set of a toolbox, anything from

Reiki healing to Access Bars or other Access Body processes

can come through as a recommendation for you.

Your masters, teachers and loved ones are highly aware of

what you are requiring at this point in your life, in order to

let go, transform and rejuvenate.

Crystals and sound might be included, as well as the verbal

clearings of Access Consciousness.

Each and every healing is going to be perfectly unique.


These sessions are 90 min long.




























Access Energetic Face Lift is a highly effective hands-on

process which has the capacity to reverse the appearance

of aging on the face and creates similar affects throughout

the whole body. It is designed to soothe, tighten and rejuvenate

your face, your body as well as your internal organs,

merely by receiving this energetic touch. Facelift combines

over 28 specific energies to facilitate ´life-enhancing shifts´

that can show up in many ways in your life, through your

bodies and your prosperity capacity.


Facelift is one of the most relaxing self care process you can

choose for your entire self – physically and mentally.

- Kind of like floating on a cloud in heaven…

if you can imagine how that might be???





























Wednesday "Community" sessions :


As a way of  nurturing everyone in the community,

Jósa is choosing to invite you to book your private session

between 1pm-5pm any Wednesday on a sliding scale:



You can choose an Akashic record reading over the

phone/zoom or come in person for Bars, reiki or other

Access Healing Body processes. Each session is approx.

1 hour and takes place in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


Contact Jósa to book your session!