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" Jósa is an intuitive, deeply resonant healer that works pure magic! After one brief 15 min session with her working on a 'knocking about shoulder pain', I awoke the next day purely pain free!

Believe in her magic.... "

Stacey Gengo, Brooklyn NY

" Through her healing touch and soothing voice Jósa is a very knowledgeable and intuitive healer. I felt rejuvenated and empowered after an hour with Jósa.

I highly recommend a session with her."

Tori Quisling, Sea Cliff, NY

“This is so interesting, I feel much more like a child. I feel a budding sense of wonder that I haven’t felt for years!”
A.B, New York

​"Jósa has it all - she always shines!

She invites and accepts all of us, people who were coming every week to look for a path to yoga. She does it with an open heart, so sincerely, so gently.

Her classes were the beginning of my path to yoga - she truly inspired me and helped me be in the right place, at the right time and that everything is right and all right.

I was so inspired by her way of doing yoga postures, by her theme for meditation and by her chosen sounds and atmosphere in general.

She brought an unbelievable peacefulness and calmness in the room and helped us to direct our focus within and to look deeper inside:

feel, touch, experience, to connect. "

- Laura Liila Urbanaviciute, Copenhagen


"Jósa is pure magic! I walk into the room with self-limiting beliefs that I don’t even realize are playing out in my daily life, and walk out a more authentic and joyful version of myself! Jósa really facilitated the stripping-away of stuck energy. "

    -  Diana Lomonte, PT

“ I have received many Access Bars sessions from Jósa.

In my forty decades of alternate healing and bodywork I can honestly say that Jósa has “the magic touch”. I began to see Jósa for migraines. Since I first saw her, my migraines have decreased immensely…

I've tried many things before to alleviate my migraines;

acupuncture, Reiki, massage, supplements

and nothing has worked as well as Access Bars.

Thank you Jósa! “


- Deborah, Long Island 

"My Akashic Record reading with Jósa was filled with

enlightened and beautiful insights. It affirmed my feelings and gave me confidence to full-heartedly follow through with my path.

Jósa's kind and energetic presence made the reading

exciting and fun!"

- Ingrid Young, NY






"I went to Josa for an Akashic Reading but

what I got was so much more.

She has a very soft, sweet disposition and

immediately put me at ease.

She touched on issues that I was facing at the time and asked me if I wanted to heal them. I said YES, not knowing what was in store.

Few months later, Josa intuitively sensed something was up and reached out to me.


I definitely was going through a wonderfully major life change, which I believe was due because our session together.

It is a completely rejuvenating and life changing experience.

I highly recommend."

- Sandhya, NY 


" Someone told me to try Access Bars.
I went to that first session having zero expectations - but a slight hope. I left Jósa after my first session feeling good and anxiety free.
It felt really, really good.

I am still anxiety free since that day, 6 weeks later!!!

After getting sessions and taking the Bars Class.

It feels great to be me again!

I enjoy my life and I want to be here!!!
It’s not painful anymore…

It has really changed my life and I know this is just the beginning!!!
People need to know about this because it really helps!!!
And it’s great to feel good!!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Jósa! “

- Laura Jorges, New York



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