"Jósa has it all - she always shines!

                       With her femininity, with sensitivity, with honesty and serenity

                         she shines. It does feel that she is truly herself, it does feel that she has

                                                   become one with her body, with her nature, with her surroundings. She invites and

                                              accepts all of us, people who were coming every week to look for a path to yoga.

                                          She does it with an open heart, so sincerely, so gently. Her classes were the beginning of my

                                        path to yoga - she truly inspired me and helped me be in the right place, at the right time and

                                        that everything is right and all right. I was so inspired by her way of doing yoga postures, by her

                                        theme for meditation and by her chosen sounds and atmosphere in general.

                                          She brought an unbelievable peacefulness and calmness in the room and helped us to direct

                                            our focus within and to look deeper inside: feel, touch, experience, to connect. "

                                                               Laura Liila Urbanaviciute, Copenhagen

                    " She is the first yoga teacher I  have

          ever met who actually does what they all say

    they do: focus on the individual while gently inviting her

students to push their limits, all while giving great respect

to personal boundaries. I have truly never felt as safe doing

yoga as I do in the care of Jósa and I am deeply sad that

   she had to leave Copenhagen for New York! "

                                      Naja Helene, Copenhagen

                                                    “ I have received many

                                               Access Bars sessions from

                                            Jósa. In my forty decades of

                             alternate healing and bodywork I can

                     honestly say that Jósa has “the magic touch”.

                               I began to see Jósa for migraines.

            Since I first saw her, my migraines have decreased

      immensely… I've tried many things before to alleviate my

   migraines; acupuncture, Reiki, massage, supplements and

                       nothing has worked as well as Access Bars!

                                  Thank you Jósa! “

                     Deborah, Long Island