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Goodlifecreation has multiple offerings & events

online & in-person:


* PLAY for Grownups; an online art class

* Akashic Records Workshops

* Fairy Vision Classes

* Self-Care Sundays

just to mention some!


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Creativity is our life force!
and we like to bring it home to you


How wonderful it is to be able to meet in the comfort of our own homes?


remember in the high pandemic how we were forced to stay inside 

and find friends and activities through the screen?

then as the world started to open more up

we would try and be more present in the outside world

as we missed it so dearly!

well, now we have reached the place

where we have

more choices

and sometimes we still can to choose to 

stay home

and nurture

in our home environment


Goodlifecreation is here to help you manage:


the highs & the lows

the internal & the externals

and to find attunement

to your inner self

through PLAY & Self-Care


There is a hidden gift in all // most life-situations.


Maybe yours will start to unfold more 

as you activate

your creationship

to YOU!


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PLAY for Grown ups // Akashic Records // Self-Care Sundays





we invite in the elemental forces


       to come play and interact with us

                    as we move, stretch and let go...


Come let’s take care of our body, spirit & mind

in this 90min self-care workshop

we will work with Slow // Restorative Yoga, Somatic movement, 

       Self-massage and Meditation // Deep guided Relaxation

Read and sign-up below:

No upcoming events at the moment

 Investigate the space of

restore, recover and recharge

under the soft presence of

Jósa Goodlife 

yoga. self love. elemental union

we all need it...

we can   WAIT and  WAIT
or   stART    creAte ”
~ Jósa Goodlife 

tune in to the magic...

get your name on the list!

we promise not to put a spam spell on you! we only write 1-2x a month...

or when something really exceptional in the realms of magic

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