Monthly Empowerment Retreat series

for global sisters in diversity
standing strong in awakening times 

October 2020 - June 2021 

Uniting across borders 

Connecting our spirits beyond the physical

You are invited to come play with us monthly for the next 9 months 

In these tremendously transformational times, where shedding old layers is more real than ever and where inner clarity is of more value than any material purchase

you ever have made:

YOU are being called into action!

The action of finding the true gold within. 

That shining sparkling spot that invokes you to 

BE all of you! 

Life is happening right now! In this exact moment, you are creating your destiny.

Indeed you are contributing to the future of us all

by choosing to LIVE your most fulfilled life.


The more happy & fulfilled we can BE in our own lives

the greater support we can be to the collective

~ creating a new and wholesome Earth!!


In sisterhood we meet. 

Supporting one another in moving beyond any stories of who we are or who we aren’t.

You can define yourself as a 'sister' as long as you carry the seed of the feminine within you, and are willing to support and have your sisters back!


You can be a 'he' or 'they' as a part of our community,

 as long as the above description resonates within you.

We embrace and welcome all people of color (BIPOC),

from all backgrounds and layers of our societies

~ to gather in this magical meeting of


Womanhood // sisterhood // motherhood

= the place of communion…

   a great place of inspiration!

You might have found that you have been feeling drained from all the zoom calls and the lack of physical connection. Believe me, I am there too! I miss hugging with friends and clients in person. It is not just easy to get used to.

We miss our sisterly connection in person.

We long for being with our healing - together, in a more tangible ways. 


But the world needs us to stick together, no matter what! 

and to RETREAT together - no matter what!!! 

I do believe that we can take advantage of these times in a different way;

by getting to know each other beyond borders.


Globally. Now is the time.


 Let’s make GLOBAL the new LOCAL 

Our belief is that we eventually will get to the other side of covid-times. 

How or when, we cannot control. 

And until then- we only have NOW

and we do have the CHOICE to STAY CONNECTED

and to heal and grow strong with all the tools we have available.


“nothing can, shall or will restrain our connection to our sisterhood” 


Now is the time to go all in!!

to find a tribe that feels good and safe to us.

The bonds that keep us connected in 


    ::   sisterHOOD spirit ***

Through the ages, women have gathered to nurture and restore their bodies, minds and spirits


on a regular basis


Every month we will connect for half a day retreat in the comfort of our homes.

(In case you can not make it on the day, you will receive the recordings in your mailbox which can be enjoyed any time… )

and you can of course turn your retreat day

into a whole retreat day

if you wish!! 

You have the choice to come to single retreats only, or join us for the whole series. 

We will line up retreats in the next upcoming 9 months

and see where it brings us. 



We try to involve the whole world in the timing of each retreat

so it works well for East Coast and West Coast

and everything in between! 

Reykjavik, Central Europe,



and many more... 


Jósa invites in a magical guest facilitator each month.

Different energy every time.

Different healing tools to play with!  

All here to share our dearest way of unlocking more magnificence 

into our sisters lives... 


Through movement & meditation,

an interactive session by our guest facilitator of the day

+ a closing ceremony of

Akashic Records tune activation 

for the sister collective

WE GROW!!   

Our #2 Empowerment ReTreat - November 22 

Register and find out more about our special healing facilitator below:

Together we grow #3
Sun, Dec 20
Location is TBD
Dec 20, 12:00 PM EST
Location is TBD
Monthly Empowerment ReTreat Series for all Global Sisters in diversity, who attain to stand strong in awakening times. Join our monthly events from October 2020 to June 2021. If you can't make it LIVE you will receive the recordings after!
gathering moments
happy and sound REMEMBERING
we are ONE
under the rainbow of
~ unknown

Our Earth is calling us to come practice Yoga with her 


She is calling us to connect with her earth body and soak in the energies from her deepest molecules, while connecting our heartbeats to hers

1 hour practice.

Bring a mat//thick blanket and some layers (weather depending) - a water bottle, your smile :) and respect for physical distance, so everyone can feel ‘safe’ practicing together. 

It would be great to know if you’re coming, so I can notify you on any changes (weather related) and make sure you find us in the park. 

It is a beautiful one!

Venmo: Johanna-Gerlach or cash 

A bit on my Yoga background:

Certified 200h yoga TT from Ananda Marga Yoga school (2010)

and have taken many courses in yoga since:

Restorative // kids yoga // senior Yoga // Yoga Therapeutics 

what magic is available for us practicing together amongst the trees? maybe we will spot a fairy? 

I wonder...

tune in to the magic...

get your name on the list!

we promise not to put a spam spell on you! we only write 1-2x a month...

or when something really exceptional in the realms of magic