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gathering moments
happy and sound REMEMBERING
we are ONE
under the rainbow of
~ unknown
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Our Earth is calling us to come practice Yoga with her 


She is calling us to connect with her earth body and soak in the energies from her deepest molecules, while connecting our heartbeats to hers


    & Fridays 10 am 

In order to optimise our wellbeing it is important to strengthen our communion with Earth, so we can feel grounded and safe within our own bodies during these wild times in history. 

As we can not control the future, we only have now. the present moment is a very rich moment - if you allow yourself to surrender to it. That is what Yoga is all about.


You don’t have to wear the ‘right yoga gear’ or have ever practiced before!

Just ask your sweet body and you will know if this class is for you.

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1 hour practice.

Bring a mat//thick blanket and some layers (weather depending) - a water bottle, your smile :) and respect for physical distance, so everyone can feel ‘safe’ practicing together. 

It would be great to know if you’re coming, so I can notify you on any changes (weather related) and make sure you find us in the park. 

It is a beautiful one!

Venmo: Johanna-Gerlach or cash 

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A bit on my Yoga background:

Certified 200h yoga TT from Ananda Marga Yoga school (2010)

and have taken many courses in yoga since:

Restorative // kids yoga // senior Yoga // Yoga Therapeutics 

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what magic is available for us practicing together amongst the trees? maybe we will spot a fairy? 

I wonder...

tune in to the magic...

get your name on the list!

we promise not to put a spam spell on you! we only write 1-2x a month...

or when something really exceptional in the realms of magic

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