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Together we grow #6

Monthly Empowerment ReTreat Series for all Global Sisters in diversity, who attain to stand strong in awakening times. Join our monthly events from October 2020 to June 2021. If you can't make it LIVE you will receive the recordings after!
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Together we grow #6

Time & Location

Mar 21, 2021, 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT
Zoom Meeting

About the Event

March 21th 2021 - 12pm EST // 17.00 CET (be aware of different European time this month as of time change in the US!)

3 hours on Zoom

Investment $50

(partly//full scholarships available by request)

The Alchemy of Fire

-an Exploration of the Heart

In this sixth Sisterhood ReTreat we will drop into our hearts, the light in the center of our inner being, and we will work with the transmutable quality of fire.

Fire can burn us, it also holds the quality to purify.

As we move through life we all experience emotional and physical suffering, distress, and traumas. 

It’s a natural process of life and these experiences can make us feel burned, or we can seize the opportunity to alchemize the situation into light and awareness, surrendering to the process and allowing the fire to do its work.

Healing and transformation can truly happen when we understand how trauma has a hidden gift in it, a transmutable quality rooted in Love, that can help us unlock and open the gateway to our truth and heart wisdom.

As Rumi says: “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

Together we will open the 7 directions and we will cleanse with the elements.      

Through a guided journey we will explore the fire of our heart; the Sacred Fire called Soul

while creating space for deep listening. And, through a collective reiki transmission, we will rest in the light of our soul nature.

The practice is about community, it’s about calling in support, knowing that you do not need to do it all alone. 

It’s about cleansing all that is in your way hindering you from seeing the beauty of your being

And, it’s about alchemizing pain into pure love and radiance. 

All practices are meant to guide you back to your own heart’s wisdom.

Our very special guest of this workshop Para, is a Scandinavian New York based Healer

who works her magic through practices of ancient Shamanism and Reiki.

With her background in fashion, Para manages to weave (literally) the modern everyday city-woman lifestyle 

together with the divine feminine, in empowering and ethical ways creating a beautiful enchanted version 

of “the contemporary woman” - powerful yet tender, resilient, and receptive to life’s challenges.

Here is how Para likes to describe herself:

“I was born on a Monday, the day of the moon, connected to the waters, the feminine, and the creative forces. 

My birth number is 7, a vibration of sensitivity, spirituality, and introspection.

From a young age, I was drawn to metaphysical studies, spiritual practices, and plant medicine. Nature was my most graceful friend and teacher, growing up in the countryside of Denmark. I befriended the ocean, got lost in the fields, tamed the wild cats that passed through the land, and I watched the stars at night enveloped by darkness.

I have learned from great teachers and wisdom keepers to whom I am deeply grateful, for all knowledge shared, for the initiations to a sacred path, and the attunements to a higher vibration. And, through experience, I have learned that our greatest teachers are often our loved ones, our parents, our friends, our partners, the ones who love us and challenge us the most.

Over the years, I have found support and guidance in knowing that all experiences are sacred, that change is the only certainty, that life is as we dream it, and making heart-based decisions is the path to joy.

For me, transformation truly happened when I learned how trauma has a hidden gift in it, a transmutable quality rooted in love, that unlocks the gateway to spirit and our soul nature.

I believe love heals, that simple living is bliss, and I see kindness, inclusion, and generosity as the path to peace.

I believe that wellness is our natural state of being and that all knowledge is available to us when we quiet our minds and listen to the whispers of the universe and the wisdom embedded in our hearts.

This was a little about me. I am here to listen if you wish to share too.”

See more about Para's work at

Please join Para and Jósa Goodlife for our 6th edition of

“Together we grow” - Global Sisters in Empowerment, ReTreat series.

A beautiful journey for deep self-nourish in our own personal space.

Even though we are separated physically, we are connected together through the web.

Our global connection gives us inspiration for endless possibilities on learning how to step deeper into caring for ourselves, 

as we are all divine mirrors for one another.

  • The schedule of the day starts with Jósa welcoming everyone in with an opening ceremony and a little warm-up dance for our bodies.
  • Para will take over with a workshop on Alchemizing pain into pure Love and Radiance - An exploration of the heart.
  • She will delight us with an opening circle, opening the 7 directions, creating a safe and light-filled container for the workshop.
  • Through guided meditations and visualizations we will connect to the heart, moving away from mind-based or external knowledge and instead tune in to the wisdom embedded within the sacred flame of our core being//our soul. We will journey to our heart and discover new ways to create space, listen and understand the pain or desires within our being while exploring techniques to cleanse, self-soothe and activate healing.
  • With our new understandings, we will create an internal landscape of bliss and radiance while receiving reiki to absorb and embody the wisdom and healing activated through the exercises.
  • You will leave this retreat heart-centered, nurtured, and harmonized, with an understanding of how to self-soothe and how to find soul-based answers.
  • To close the circle, Jósa will open up the Akashic Records for our group and channel messages and guidance, according to questions and wishes for the collective. Feel free to bring any questions if you like!

We will make sure to take time in between sessions for bathroom//water breaks.

All sessions will be recorded and sent out in the following days, so you can re-listen or watch and participate when it suits you.

Come and join us for our 6th month (out of 9) of our Sisterhood ReTreat series.

Bring your global sisters, mothers, daughters, friends, and lovers!

*Sign up two or more TOGETHER and get 15% off your total ticket price 

when you buy 2 or more tickets at once!

Purchase a "Community Ticket" to help fund scholarships for our sisters around the world.

Our mission is to make our event accessible and affordable for everyone, and that is why we created this special ticket - in support of our global community (acknowledging the different financial systems and realities around the world)!

When you buy a "Community Ticket," we donate one ticket to a sister who will greatly benefit from attending our workshop but couldn't afford it otherwise. If you love giving back and contributing to others, this ticket is for you!

Thank you for your choice. Let's spread the love! 💖

This wonderful retreat is supported by our co-creator Andreea Popescu, a digital marketing expert, Access Bars Facilitator, and a storytelling globetrotter - who is working from behind the scenes to facilitate the easy flow of all processes.

A kind reminder that our participants will receive a 20% discount for any private sessions they would like to book with our founder Jósa Goodlife, co-creator Andreea Popescu, and special guest healer Para.

REDUCED PRICE tickets and SCHOLARSHIPS available pr. request!

We have some scholarships available you can apply for or reduced-price tickets.

PLEASE CONTACT us personally by email!!

Looking forward to having you with us!

We start at 9 am PST // 12 pm EST // 5 pm CET. 

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