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Together we grow #7

Monthly Empowerment ReTreat Series for all Global Sisters in diversity, who attain to stand strong in awakening times. Join our monthly events from October 2020 to June 2021. If you can't make it LIVE you will receive the recordings after!
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Together we grow #7

Time & Location

Apr 25, 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT
Zoom Meeting

About the Event

April 25th 2021 - 12pm EST // 18.00 CET

3 hours on Zoom

Investment $50

(partly//full scholarships available by request)

'Be the Aquarian Goddess'

-take a journey to the stars

In this seventh edition of our Sisterhood ReTreat we will go on a journey up to the stars,

investigating the Air element, which inspires and nurtures all astrological wisdom.

We have reached the Age of Aquarius. A period of about 2,160 years that is characterized by the passage of the vernal equinox through the air sign Aquarius.

Aquarius points to a newfound sense of hope and a strong desire for a deep collective change. We are in it now. Let’s celebrate!

“When the moon is in the Seventh House

And Jupiter aligns with Mars

Then peace will guide the planets

And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius”

~ James Rado / Gerome Ragni / Galt Mac Dermot

Aquarius is the energy of innovation, community, and connection. It is imperative that before we connect to the group, we must connect to ourselves, developing a deeper understanding of how we personally transform and what our individual process of surrender looks like.  As we strive to become stronger leaders of our communities, we must first find that strength within and harness our individual energy so we can become powerful leaders in our own lives, by asking the question:

What do I stand for?

The answer is not fixed as the Aquarian Goddess is forever changing.                          

So let us explore together!

“Aquarius are after intellectual stimulation, constantly discovering something new, forming new opinions and stubbornly traveling their way regardless of what other people think.”

~ SageGoddess

It is about never giving up your true knowing. Our intuition is our greatest gift and as we strengthen it, we rise above any challenges - we conquer our fears.

In this ReTreat we will investigate the deep power we keep within.

Our very special guest of this workshop Malorine Mathurin is an Intuitive Astrologer who uses her clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient skills in her Tarot, Numerology, and Divination readings. Malorine has studied various forms of Divination and spirituality through her Caribbean roots and ancestry and is a self-taught Astrologer and Cartomancer with over 25 years of experience. She has a strong passion for helping and nurturing people while they work through karma from previous lives.

She uses her Cancer Moon in the 10th house to provide nurturing to her clients in a practical, supportive, and grounded way. Malorine’s primary objective is to discharge the karmic issues that are blocking your mental, emotional, spiritual, and psychological happiness. In every session and encounter, she aims to offer her clients clarity, calm, kindness and understanding in addition to a proactive plan to get to the root of the trauma and develop their dharma and life purpose.

Malorine is also a trained Usui Reiki Master, an IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) Master Teacher, an Akashic Records reader and experienced Tarot reader//Cartomancer with over 20 years experience.

She hosts monthly moon and community circles through various online healing spaces, such as Minka Brooklyn, Maha Rose, Heatwise Yoga, Heal Haus, and Catland Bookstore in addition to running Beginner to Professional Astrology courses a few times a year.

Malorine has been featured in Mind Body Green as one of the

‘40+ Black spiritual thought leaders to follow and learn from’ 

See more about Malorine work here.

Please join Malorine and Jósa Goodlife for our 7th edition of

“Together we grow” - Global Sisters in Empowerment, ReTreat series.

A beautiful journey for deep self-nourish in our own personal space.

Even though we are separated physically, we are connected together through the web.

Our global connection gives us inspiration for endless possibilities on learning how to step deeper into caring for ourselves, as we are all mirrors for one another!

  • The schedule of the day starts with Jósa welcoming everyone in with an opening ceremony and a little warm-up dance for our bodies.
  • Malorine will take over with a workshop on: Become the Aquarian Goddess, by alchemizing the energy of the Aquarian age into manifestation and ascension.
  • She will delight us with an opening meditation on the planet Uranus, where we will find where our unique energy lies, and connect individually and within the community to our roles during this transformative period. Uranus is one of the co-rulers of Aquarius and rules over change, unpredictability, and foresight in our astrological charts. This meditation will help us to begin to recognize and harness the energy of change that is the ‘Aquarian age’.
  • We will expand our reach and dive into a mini-workshop about the other co-ruler of Aquarius, the planet Saturn; where we can find challenges and obstacles to overcome in our birth chart - and Jupiter; the planet that shows our gifts and talents. We will look at where they both lie in our astrological charts and what gifts they have for us. This realization will help us to see the houses that they sit in our chart and where that energy will be directed, for example, the 2nd house will lead one to focus on money and purpose while the 5th house will be a focus on family, children, working on your inner child and creativity.
  • Through guided visualization, mantra, and journaling work we will connect to the heart and tune to the wisdom embedded within us.
  • You will leave this retreat with a greater awareness for your own inner empowerment, filled with optimism for our collective future.
  • To close the circle, Jósa will open up the Akashic Records for our group and channel messages and guidance, according to questions and wishes for the collective. Feel free to bring any questions if you like!

We will make sure to take time in between sessions for bathroom//water breaks.

All sessions will be recorded and sent out in the following days, so you can re-listen or watch and participate when it suits you.

Come and join us for our 7th month (out of 9) of our Sisterhood ReTreat series.

If you are unsure of your time in the world, you can see it here. 

Bring your global sisters, mothers, daughters, friends, and lovers!

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This wonderful retreat is supported by our co-creator Andreea Popescu, a digital marketing expert, Access Bars Facilitator, and a storytelling globetrotter - who is working from behind the scenes to facilitate the easy flow of all processes.

A kind reminder that our participants will receive a 20% discount for any private sessions they would like to book with our founder Jósa Goodlife, co-creator Andreea Popescu, and special guest healer Malorine.

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Looking forward to having you with us!

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