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Together we grow #9

Monthly Empowerment ReTreat Series for all Global Sisters in diversity, who attain to stand strong in awakening times. Join our monthly events from October 2020 to June 2021. If you can't make it LIVE you will receive the recordings after!
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Together we grow #9

Time & Location

Jun 26, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT
Zoom Meeting

About the Event

June 26th 2021

3 hours on Zoom

Investment $50 // $44 early bird

(partly//full scholarships available by request)

7am Hawaii // 10PST // 1pmEST // 7pmCET // 8pm RO

  • Be aware of a slightly different time this month!

You are already whole!

~ journey beyond ‘the story’…

We welcome you to our ninth and last Sisterhood Retreat in this series:

‘Together we Grow!

For the last 8 months, we have journeyed deep and wide together, through the elements twice, visiting every aspect of our being from the highest perspective of our souls, traveling deep into our bodies and even deeper into the earth. We have greeted the hidden people of the land and journeyed out to the stars, far into the solar system where we met the age of Aquarius, gracefully blessed by the Akashic Records energies each and every time. We have laughed and danced and cried tears of release by being together, yet spread all over the globe, together on screens, yet stronger in spirit. In blossoming solidarity of our sisterhood.

So now it is time to celebrate and acknowledge the ‘wholeness’ of it all!

THE BIRTH of this retreat. Which happens to align well with the outgoing energies of Summer Solstice, where most of us can dance and move more freely in our communities again, after a very long time of restrictions.

Playing and growing together has lifted us up in so many ways. We can feel how important it is to lean into sisterhood and to seek each other's support while going through difficulties, like most of us have felt in many ways, during these very special times in our global history of mankind 2020-2021.

What is possible now, moving forward?

In this special Birth retreat; You are already whole! ~ journey beyond ‘the story’

we will be contemplating our own healing path from the perspective of wholeness.

On this path, we are constantly in the flow of releasing our past, and as much as that might be a lifelong journey, with its ups and downs, we’d like to take a look at:

What is already there? What was already there the whole time?

How do we get back to that place, where we already are whole and healed?

Where no burden is to carry…

In this retreat, we meet to let go of our limiting stories and to honor, acknowledge, and to free our physical lineage - the family who have traveled this earth before us, and even our past-life lineages (which might be more subtle - but still quite impactful in our subconscious).

Your personal journey is one that melds your unique family lineage with the oneness of all things, an expression of the ‘goddess’ or ‘all-that-is’

- playing together in physical reality.

You - in this moment - are the culmination of all the elements - earth, water, fire, air, and space….  joined together in this exact moment as an Infinite Creation, coming to know more of itself.

Often we identify with limiting stories - our past challenges, our family’s history, and hold these as blockages in our energetic field. Very often these patterns are quite subconscious and ‘running the show’ without us even knowing or seeing.

In order to be free from our ‘story’ and our ancestors' stories, we have to be willing to be present with what is arising, in order to let it go and clear fully.

Like shadows on the wall, keeping us away from illuminating fully, the ancestors, the blockages and all our stories can be in our way for shining our truthfully.

In this retreat, we will call on ‘your story’ and do a process of forgiveness both for your past, and your family lineage, releasing you from the morphic field of their limiting conditioning.

We will also participate in a simple ritual to activate the harmonious flow of the elements within the body, under the guidance of our very special guest:

Kathy Williams who is a best-selling author,

shamanic consciousness coach and a teacher of many healing modalities.

Kathy supports women

Through online classes, retreats, private mentoring and her weekly radio show she provides women around the world with practical tools and practices to get in touch with

and express their deepest authenticity.

Kathy has been facilitating classes and retreats for women for over twenty years.

With a background in Yoga, Hawaiian Shamanism, energy medicine and the healing arts, she is gifted in guiding experiences that nurture transformation in mind, body, and spirit.

Kathy Williams is based on Maui, Hawaii.

To learn more about Kathy, please visit

Come join Kathy Williams and Jósa Goodlife for our 9th and last edition in the

“Together we grow” - Online Sisterhood Retreat series.

A beautiful journey for deep self-nourishment in our own personal space.

Even though we might be separated physically,

we are connected together through the web.

Our global connection gives us inspiration for endless possibilities on learning how to step deeper into caring for ourselves, as we are all mirrors for one another.

  • The schedule of the day starts with Jósa welcoming everyone in with an opening ceremony and a little warm-up dance for our bodies.
  • Kathy will take over with a workshop on You are already whole! ~ journey beyond ‘the story’ - The culmination of the infinite creativity of the Universe coming together as the miracle and Magic of You.
  • We will enter into a practice of honoring the 5 elements of you, a way of honoring divinity in and as your body
  • We will do a deep practice of forgiveness and release
  • You will leave with a sense of freedom from past patterns and karmic entanglements
  • To close the circle, Jósa will open up the Akashic Records for our group and channel messages and guidance, according to questions and wishes for the collective.

We will make sure to take time in between sessions for bathroom // water breaks.

All sessions will be recorded and sent out in the following days, so you can re-listen or watch and participate when it suits you.

Come and join us for our 9th month and last month of our Sisterhood ReTreat series, for now!

If you are unsure of your time in the world, you can see it here.

Bring your global sisters, mothers, daughters, friends, and lovers!

*Sign up two or more TOGETHER and get 15% off your total ticket price

when you buy 2 or more tickets at once!

We encourage you to invite your sister friends over and enjoy the retreat experience together in person. We love seeing more smiling faces from one screen. 👭

Purchase a "Community Ticket" to help fund scholarships for our sisters around the world.

Our mission is to make our event accessible and affordable for everyone, and that is why we created this special ticket - in support of our global community (acknowledging the different financial systems and realities around the world)!

When you buy a "Community Ticket," we donate one ticket to a sister who will greatly benefit from attending our workshop but couldn't afford it otherwise. If you love giving back and contributing to others, this ticket is for you!

Thank you for your choice. Let's spread the love! 💖

This wonderful retreat is supported by our co-creator Andreea Popescu, a digital marketing expert, Access Bars Facilitator, and a storytelling globetrotter - who is working from behind the scenes to facilitate the easy flow of all processes.

A kind reminder that our participants will receive a 20% discount for any private sessions they would like to book with our founder Jósa Goodlife, co-creator Andreea Popescu, and special guest healer Kathy Williams 

See you soon! ✨

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