Every month we offer Access Bars® classes

for YOU who is looking for a greater ease in your every day life...

It only takes 1 day to learn this powerful process!!

Can you believe it???



Adults and kids all over the world are learning to 'run Bars'. Everyone can basically learn it. It's simply enough to have the curiosity and the willing to change your life!



In this full day class you will get all the information you need to know about these 32 points on the head, that run energy through your bodies (physical//energy bodies) and mind.


You will get to receive Bars 2x and gift the Bars 2x.


Rejuvenating and restoring you in a way you might never have experienced before, while dissipating and letting go of stagnated energies and beliefs (which is a slightly different way than letting go through mind!)


- allowing you to gain clarity again, just as if by magic...




The great thing about learning the Bars for yourself is that you can exchange with others that have learned the process and of course run the process on your friends and family. If you are a practitioner or if you wanna start to take money for services like this, you can! 

(maybe just practice a little first... ;) )





For tuning into Goodlifecreation's Access Bars classes, simply click :