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In the times of Corona...

During these interesting, intense times of Covid-19 slowing down our world, it is more important than ever that we stay strong together to rise above any limitation or fear. On top of the virus being present in our societies, we all live with the uncertainty for what to come.


Being present Here and Now is of a high value in order to keep sane in these strange times and as healers and light workers, it is more important than ever that we remain aware of what energies we are choosing each day.

By enhancing our light we not only build up our own immunity and inner joy, we also amplify an uplifting influence to the lives of others who are having a rough time, due to illness and possible financial burden, a long with old structures collapsing.

We are all bodies of the Earth. Earth is changing and resetting, and so are we!

In times of crises, change and growth is inevitable.


In these weekly Zoom meetings we will meet in the light of the Akashic Records where we will practice heightening our frequencies together.

Together we can create magic and beauty.

And you are invited!

FREE // pr. donation 



I truly hope you are ok and able to use this time for inner growth and creating future goals that feel good and nourishing.  I miss doing energy work in person, and have also discovered how powerful it can be remote and online, both in group work and individual settings. 


If you'd like an online session with me, that is very well possible. 

Akashic Records // distance reiki with Clearings. 

Special price $89 for the hour - incl. recordings. 


OR if in financial hardship, I go as low as

$1 pr. minute (no recordings)

Contact me to chat about possibilities!

Love to you all 



I am also selling sustainable home made masks!! 


made by me locally on my Brooklyn kitchen table!

These masks have become a hit and if you'd like to order some, just contact me privately in contact info...

1 mask $25

2 or more $20 each

+ shipping

men//women//kids sizes

The masks are inevitably coming to stay in the NY area for a while!

Let's show solidarity and have our own handmade fashion mask with us at any time.


Beautiful masks = beautiful loving people! 

Be well...


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